China 2019 – How can individuals safely engage with new banking technologies?

Technological advances are reshaping financial services and changing financial literacy needs around the world. The opportunity to apply for credit via a smartphone, to lend money to peers via online platforms and to initiate payments and money transfers from basic flip phones enables hundreds of millions of people to gain access to financial services who previously were excluded from the financial system. This ease of access only amplifies the need to have a basic understanding of the concepts of finance and financial planning. This press conference will explore how technology is creating greater needs for individual financial literacy, and how technology can also bring about exciting solutions to this global challenge.

-Frederic Lau, Vice-Chairman, AMTD, Hong Kong SAR, China
– Wan Zhe, Chief Economist, China National Gold Group, People’s Republic of China
– Zhang Jiachen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Guangzhishu Technology, People’s Republic of China

Moderated by
– Amanda Russo, Public Engagement Lead, World Economic Forum

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