Davos 2020 – Breaking Free from Single-Use Plastics

Breaking Free from Single-Use Plastics

The world produces approximately 144 tonnes of single-use plastic each year, along with a host of other single-use packaging items – such as cups and containers – most of which is neither collected nor recycled. Given the magnitude of this global crisis, how can policy-makers and business leaders tackle the challenge of investing in both waste management and waste prevention?

On the Forum Agenda: 
– Incentivizing shifts in consumer behaviour
– Creating new business models and harnessing supply-chain innovation
– Addressing bottlenecks in collection infrastructure 

This session was developed in partnership with QuickTake by Bloomberg.

Speakers: Kristin Hughes, Akira Sakano, Al Gore, Francine Lacqua, Tak Niinami, Melati Wijsen

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