Elizabeth Bahati on how Mariakani Bamba Road has opened up the town creating business opportunities

Elizabeth Bahati, the Chairperson of Maendeleo ya Wanawake, Bamba Ward and a businesswoman explains how the 51KM road has transformed the livelihoods of those living in Bamba town. In the past, residents used to suffer because of the bad roads. Things were scarce in the shops and residents had to queue to purchase commodities with the available stock being rationed per person so as to cater for everyone. Access to hospitals was difficult making mothers give birth on the way which would put them and their children at risk. With the new road, they can easily access medical treatment and the town continues to grow with more business opportunities being created.

Length: 51 KM
Cost: KSh 2.13 Billion
Status as at Jan 2019: Complete
County: Kilifi

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