Governance by Design

How will government experimentation with policy prototyping and design thinking reshape interactions between the public sector and wider business and society?

Dimensions to be addressed:
– Building societal literacy on policy engagement
– Connecting local policies to global systems
– Overcoming short-termism in highly politicized environments

· Oren Alazraki, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Horizon State, Australia.
· Sonja Betschart, Co-Founder, WeRobotics, Switzerland.
· Pascal Cagni, Chairman of the Board and Ambassador for International Investment, Business France, France.
· Nita A. Farahany, Professor of Law and Philosophy; Director, Duke Science and Society, Duke University, USA.
· Eva Kaili, Member of the European Parliament, European Union.
· Andrew D. Maynard, Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University, USA.

Facilitated by:
· Charles Hayes, Executive Managing Director, Asia; Partner, IDEO, People’s Republic of China.

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