How the Last Mile Project is transforming lives in Lamu County

Babu Swale, Elder of Idabo Village in Lamu explains how being connected to the grid through the Last Mile Project has enabled him and his family to move back to their home. The last mile connectivity project is an initiative by the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and implemented by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company aiming to ensure affordable electricity connections to households. Before Babu got electricity, he was forced to leave his home and rent a house at the town center so as to enable his children study into the night. At that time, Lamu Island was powered by diesel generators that would produce a lot of smoke and noise making it harmful to the environment and for residents. Now that he has electricity, he was able to go back to his home with his family, the kids are able to study, his wife, a food vendor is able to operate her business and the street-lighting a long the sea front has reduced crime in the area.

Cost: KSh 168.7 Million
Status as at Jan 2019: Complete
County: Lamu

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