How the Mariakani Bamba road has eased transport and enabled access to Kitui County Hospital

Kahambi Charo has been a resident of Bamba Town in Kilifi County. Before the Mariakani Bamba road was tarmacked, he says that there were many problems. There were few public vehicles and it would take more than 6hrs to reach Mariakani because of the poor state of the road. This meant that there was a possibility of vehicles arriving the following morning. Patients also had a difficult time accessing medical treatment at Kitui Hospital and sometimes would lose their lives enroute to the hospital. However, with the newly tarmacked Bamba road, Kahambi is happy that it has made life easier.

Length: 51 KM
Cost: KSh 2.13 Billion
Status as at Jan 2019: Complete
County: Kilifi

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