How the Nuno – Modogashe Road is creating opportunities for economic growth in Garissa County

The 135KM Nuno – Modogashe Road is a new construction that involves doing the earth-works, sub-base, base and surfacing which includes asphalt concrete, and surface grading (tarmack). The road is part of the LAPSSET corridor project. According to KenHa Regional Director (North Eastern Region), Eng. Erick Wambua, the progress is quite good and expects it to be completed soon. He explains that the security situation has so far improved because security vehicles are now able to travel fast to collect information that will help improve safety in the area. The construction of the new road has created job opportunities for the local people who provide both labor and construction material which has contributed to the economic growth of the area.

Length: 135 KM
Cost: KSh 8.4 Billion
Status as at Jan 2019: Complete
County: Garissa

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