How the upgrade of King Fahad Hospital has enabled residents of Lamu access affordable medical care

The Upgrade of King Fahad Hospital in Lamu has seen Dialysis and CT Scan centres launched at the hospital. Mohammed Mzee, a resident of Lamu and dialysis patient was forced to constantly travel to Mombasa for treatment. Additionally, he would be required to rent a house and hire a car to transport him to and from the hospital during the duration of his treatment. This has proved to be a costly and strenuous affair for patients and their families. With the upgrade of King Fahad Hospital, Mohammed and residents of Lamu are able to receive all the necessary treatment without having to bear any extra costs and can use their NHIF cards to cover the necessary medical fees.

Cost: KSh 430 Million
Status as at Jan 2019: Complete
County: Lamu

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