The Inland Container Depot: Reducing the cost of doing business for Manufacturers

KRA Customs Officer working at the Inland Container Depot in Nairobi, Rosemary Mureithi shares how the Kenyan Government has heavily invested in KRA creating efficiency in the clearance of goods. Rosemary shares that they now have scanners that help reduce intrusive methods of verification and take 6 seconds to identify what is in the container before they come in making their work easier. This process has improved the 2 weeks period that a container would take in Mombasa to get cleared and some Manufacturers would have to incur costs of bringing the containers to Nairobi. According to Rosemary, with the Inland Container Depot it is easier, faster and more secure for manufacturers to get their goods and that has reduced their cost of doing business.

Cost: KSh 214 Million
Status as of Jan 2019: Ongoing
County: Nairobi

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