What having an efficient Inland Container Depot means for manufacturers.

The Nairobi Inland Container Depot, owned and operated by Kenya Ports Authority and linked by Rail with Mombasa port provides shippers with dry port facilities in the commercial heart of the country. Wanja Kiragu, Operations Manager at East Africa Online Transport Agency explains how the agency gives truckers visibility into where the cargo is. Previously, all trucks had to go to Mombasa to collect cargo but now the SGR has shortened the distance allowing transporters to have quicker turnarounds. This means that from Nairobi, trucks will be able to reach Kampala in two and a half days given the faster clearance processes and efficiency at the Inland Container Depot. Transporters are now able to make two or three trips a week which making it more convenient for manufacturers to transport and access their consignments.

Cost: KSh 214 Million
Status as at Jan 2019: Ongoing
County: Nairobi

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