11th Empretec Entrepreneurship Training Workshop, Angola: Geraldo Basilua

Meet Geraldo Basilua.

Empretec is one of the seven components of the EU-UNCTAD Joint Programme for Angola: Train for Trade II (2017-2023). In a series of 14 Entrepreneurship Training Workshops to be delivered under the Programme in Angola, the 11th workshop was implemented with the leadership of two national certified Empretec trainers, with a videolink to international master trainers.

This promising step towards Programme sustainability was achieved in line with the high standards of training quality of the global Empretec Programme. Meet the entrepreneurs benefiting from the experience and training.

“I am Geraldo Basilua, at present I am a facilitator or trainer of Empretec in Angola. Before doing the Empretec training myself, I was a trainer of various sectors of society, particularly of communities and civic leaders.
I did the Empretec training, and it transformed my vision. Empretec showed me the importance of business. In addition to the community-based business that I was carrying out, Empretec impacted positively me as a person and demonstrated that the economy only moves thanks to entrepreneurs. As a result, I took the decision to create a business, an enterprise. With a business partner, we succeeded to attract contracts of up to 10,000 USD thanks to the tools that the Empretec training provided me. We succeeded in identifying opportunities which is essential to entrepreneurship. We plan to continue to identify gaps that present problems that we can address through proposed solutions and build business on. This is all thanks to Empretec. I invite all to take the Empretec training.”

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