Malindi-Sala Gate Road: Improving transportation in Kilifi County and enabling access to hospitals

Washington Charo, a youth leader and community resource person in Lango Baya sub-location in Kilifi County shares how the construction of the Malindi-Sala Gate road has eased transportation in the area. Before construction of the road, the community had many problems. One of their biggest challenges was ferrying pregnant women to the hospital in Malindi. Washington explains that it was very difficult and sometimes women would give birth on the way putting their lives and that of their children at risk. Additionally, it would take them one and half hours to two hours to get to Malindi from Lango Baya and when it rained they would get stuck and stay overnight. With the road, Washington says that it’s easier and it takes them about half an hour to travel to Malindi.

Length: 117 KM
Cost: KSh 4.15 Billion
Status as at Jan 2019: Ongoing
County: Kilifi

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