Webinar 4: Innovative Tech and Social Media to catalyze CSOs contribution amid Covid-19

The web is getting at its best as the response to Covid-19 is processing: enhancing lives, acting as a vital public good and connecting people in creative, positive ways. It is both a lifeline and a critical force in helping to curb the spread of the virus, providing vital public health information and helping people live virtually when meeting physically threatens human lives. Three related challenges still need to be addressed: How to secure access for everyone? How to fight viral misinformation? How to unlock data to protect public health, while protecting privacy?

This webinar highlights how Innovative Tech, Social Media and Connectivity can catalyze civil society organizations contribution in the fight against Covid-19 in Africa and highlight related challenges observed in the ongoing response measures, and to propose innovative approaches and solutions that can be introduced and implemented in response by government, policymakers, private sector as well as civil society

Moderator: Mr Kyeretwie Osei


Dr Kane CISSE, President, The Africa Civil Society on the Information Society (ACSIS), Member of AU-ECOSOCC

Balkissa Ide Siddo, Public Policy Manager | Public Policy Africa, FACEBOOK

Nelson KWAJE, Programs @defyhatenow, Team Lead

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